Affordable DiapersPlant Based & Disposable

  • 100% chlorine free
  • Made from biodegradable materials
  • No Fragrance no Chemicals
  • 100% GM free
Naturally Non-Toxic Soft Cloth-Like Feel Ultra Thin Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free Ultra Absorbent

Leading Diaper Brand

  • Contains Synthetic & Harmful Chemicals

    It include dyes, fragrances, plastics and petrolatums. dioxins are among the most toxic chemicals known to science.

  • Uses SODIUM POLYACRYLATE as an absorbent

    Often visible as small gel-like crystals on the skin of babies and linked to skin irritations and respiratory problems.

  • Pretolium based shell

    It is a cause of eye, nose and throat irritation and central nervous system as well as cancers.

  • Standard diaper

    They have a generic design and fit.

Our Diapers

  • Natural & non-toxic

    Chlorine-free, bio-based absorbent, and plant-based materials.

  • Ultra absorbent

    Superior performance & moisture retention.

  • Premium fit

    Cloth-like feel, contour elastics, and stretchy re-fastenable grip tabs.

  • Fashionable designs

    You can choose from a growing selection of stylized patterns for your girl or boy.

We the manufacturer, declare that the following products do not contain perfumes and allergens. Therefore, all products mentioned below are hypoallergenic.

We also confirm that below products do not contain dyes and parabens.

All products are based on natural and natural origin raw materials.

  • A. Soft Cotton

    Colorful, Soft cotton on the outside

  • B. Breathable

    Unique waterproof technology on the inside

  • C. Trim Fit

    Non-bulky for great fit on a cute bum

  • D. Gentle Stretch

    For a comfort around waist & legs

  • E. Perfectly Sized

    Multiple sizes from newborn to toddler.

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