About Us

DollarDiaperClub.com is a subscription service founded to make the lives of parents and their babies better. We’ve observed that adapting a healthy lifestyle is often expensive and inconvenient. Specialty stores that sell organic and non-toxic baby products are usually out of reach to most Americans and organic products are usually very expensive. Our goal at DollarDiaperclub.com is to deliver the best carcinogen-free baby products right to your door at incredible prices.

Our services include shipping the best organic necessities to your door each month to ensure that you can spend more time with your loved ones and save money at the same time. We are currently offering 2 different products, the Diapers & Wipes Bundle and the Organic Baby Products Bundle.

Our Diaper & Wipes Bundle include 1 month supply of diapers and wipes ( up to 320 diapers and wipes depending on the size of the diaper) and our Organic Product Bundle include a month supply of Shampoo and Body Wash, Body Lotion, Healing Balm, Laundry Detergent and Hand Wash.

We only use organic and natural material to ensure a healthier, more affordable and eco-friendly product. Furthermore, we opt to use carcinogen-free and non-toxic materials to reduce the chance of cancer and other complications in the infant's life. We believe that we can achieve the same standards as the leading brands without using potentially harmful chemicals in our products.

We are proud to offer the best carcinogen-free products at affordable prices to all our members. That’s the Dollar Diaper Club Promise.

Our Principles

  • Healthy Living

    At Dollar Diaper Club, we care about your baby’s health. Our balms and lotions are gentle on delicate skin, and our breathable diapers are snug and super comfy. Your baby won’t want to take them off!

  • Go Green

    Everyone knows that children grow best in healthy surroundings. All of our products are crafted using renewable, organic materials which are better for your baby and the planet. Let’s work together in shaping a better world for kids everywhere.

  • Service

    Spend less time at the store and more time with your kids by ordering Dollar Diaper Club products online. Our delivery structure is inexpensive and efficient, and streamlined to leave the smallest possible carbon footprint. Join the Dollar Diaper Club today!

What people are saying

  • These diapers have the greatest fit. They are comfortable for my baby plus they are eco-friendly. My baby stays healthy while protecting the earth. What can I ask more? Jessica D.
  • I virtually tried all the brands out there and DollarDiaperClub.com really stands out. The quality of their products is amazing and they deliver! Megan L.
  • The first order just came in and I must say that I'm in love. These products don't contain any carcinogenic chemicals and they work just as well as the leading brands. Nicole F.